IWJT2018  Mar.8- 9, 2018 Shanghai, China

18th International Workshop on Junction Technology
Fudan University

Workshop Scope
(Papers are solicited in, but not limited to the following)

  • Doping Technology --- Ion implantation, plasma doping, gas and solid doping

  • Annealing Technology --- Rapid thermal process, laser annealing, flash annealing, SPE, lattice damage and defects

  • Junction Technology for Novel CMOS Device Structures --- Junction for SOI, strained Si, SiGe, Ge, Schottky barrier S/D MOSFET, FinFET(Tri-gate FET), and bonding junctions

  • Silicide and Contact Technology for CMOS --- Silicide materials and salicide technology, elevated S/D, low barrier contact, surface pre-treatment

  • Junction and Contact Technologies for Compound Semiconductors and Quantum Devices --- Schottky and ohmic contacts to wide bandgap compound semiconductors, junction and contact technologies for carbon nanotube, graphene, 2D material and other nano-, quantum devices, hetero-junction devices

  • Contact and Junction Technologies for Energy Harvesting Devices---solar cells

  • Characterization for Shallow Junction --- Physical and electrical characterization of ultra-shallow junction

  • Modeling and Simulation --- Modeling and simulation of ultra-shallow junction formation of CMOS

  • Equipment, Materials and Substrates for Junction Technology