IWJT2018  Mar.8- 9, 2018 Shanghai, China

18th International Workshop on Junction Technology
Fudan University



IWJT-2018 Keynote Presentations


Advanced Implant Application for 7nm and Beyond

David Zou, AMAT, USA

Impact of the end of CMOS minuaturization and the world after that

Hiroshi Iwai, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan






IWJT-2018 Invited Presentations


Activation of High-temperature-implanted Phosphorus Atoms in 4H-SiC by Atmospheric Pressure Thermal Plasma Jet Annealing

Hiroaki Hanafusa, Hiroshima University, Japan

Activation Trends in Millisecond Annealing of Heavy n-Type Doping of Silicon

Paul Timans, Mattson Thermal Products GmbH, Germany

Analyses of 3D atomic arrangements of impurity atoms doped in Silicon by spectro-photoelectron holography technique

Kazuo Tsutsui, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan

Au-based and Au-free Ohmic Contacts to AlGaN/GaN Structures on Silicon or Sapphire Substrates

Hong-Yu Yu, Southern University of Science and Technology, China

CMOS-Compatible Contact Technology for Si Photonics

Philipp Rodriguez, Univ. Grenoble Alpes, France

H2 PLAD Hydrogenation Process on 3D NAND Array Poly-Si Access Devices

Shu Qin, QinTek, Co., USA

Monolayer doping and other strategies in high surface-to volume-ratio silicon devices

Ray Duffy, Tyndall National Inst., Ireland

Novel photodetector based on FD-SOI substrate with interface coupling effect

Jing Wan, Fudan University, China

Novel titanium based contacts featuring ultralow contact resistivities and enhanced compatibilities to advanced CMOS technology

Hao Yu, IMEC, Belgium

On the manifestation of Ge Pre-amorphization Implantation (PAI) Impact on Both the Formation of Ultrathin TiSix and the Specific Contact Resistivity in TiSix/n-Si Contacts for sub-16/14 nm nodes and beyond

Jun Luo, IMECAS, China

Opportunities for breaking an energy generation limit of photovoltaic using multijunction and super-multijunction cells

Kenji Araki , Toyota Technological Institute, Japan

Light Plastic Integrated Micro CPV Module: PIC with Three-Junction PV cells

Michihiko Takase, Panasonic Corporation, Japan

Gate stack and Ni(SiGeSn) metal contacts formation on low bandgap strained (Si)Ge(Sn) semiconductors

Dan Buca, Peter Gr┨nberg Institute (PGI 9) and JARA-FIT, Germany

High-performance heterojunctions based on 2D semiconductors

Yanqing Wu, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, China

Damage recovery and strain induced by Phosphorous in Laser Annealed Ge

Simona Boninelli, IMM-CNR, Italy

Interfacial passivation by LiF or PbF2 for high efficiency perovskite solar cell

Yiqiang Zhan, Fudan University, China