IWJT2018  Mar.8- 9, 2018 Shanghai, China

18th International Workshop on Junction Technology
Fudan University



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Jun Luo, Shujuan Mao, Jing Xu, Guilei Wang, Dan Zhang, Xue Luo, Ningyuan Duan, Shi Liu, Wenwu Wang, Dapeng Chen, Junfeng Li, Chao Zhao, Tianchun Ye

On the manifestation of Ge Pre-amorphization Implantation (PAI) Impact on Both the Formation of Ultrathin TiSix and the Specific Contact Resistivity in TiSix/n-Si Contacts for sub-16/14 nm nodes and beyond

Jun Luo


Wenmao Li, Jian Zhang, Robert Sokolovskij, Yumeng Zhu, Yongle Qi, Xinpeng Lin, Jingyi Wu, Lingli Jiang, Hongyu Yu

Au-based and Au-free Ohmic Contacts to AlGaN/GaN Structures on Silicon or Sapphire Substrates

YU HongYu


J. Wan, JN. Deng, XY. Cao, H. B. Liu, B. R. Lu, Y. F. Chen, A. Zaslavsky, S. Cristoloveanu and M. Bawedin

Novel photodetector based on FD-SOI substrate with interface coupling effect

jing wan


X. Y. Cao, HB.Liu, JN.Deng, WS.Lin,and J. Wan

Photodetector Based on Silicon-on-Insulator with High Responsivity

Jing Wan


Man-Li Zhao, Hong-Liang Lu, Yu-Ming Zhang, Yi-Men Zhang, Xiao-Hong Zhao

Effect of Deep Level Traps on the I-V and C-V Characteristics of InP/InGaAs Heterojunction

Man-Li Zhao


Kazuo Tsutsui, Tomohiro Matsushita, Takayuki Muro, Yoshitada Morikawa, Kotaro Natori, Takuya Hoshii, Kuniyuki Kakushima, Hitoshi Wakabayashi, Kouichi Hayashi, Fumihiko Matsui, and Toyohiko Kinoshita

Analyses of 3D Atomic Arrangements of Impurity Atoms Doped in Silicon by Spectro-Photoelectron Holography Technique

Kazuo Tsutsui


Kenji Araki, Kan-Hua Lee, and Masafumi Yamaguchi,

Opportunities for breaking an energy generation limit of photovoltaic using multijunction and super-multijunction cells

Kenji Araki


J. N. Nxumalo, Y.Y. Wang, M. Iwatake, C. Molella, A. Katnani, J. Orcutt, J. Ayala, K. Nummy

Characterizing Junction Profiles in Ge Photodetectors using Scanning Capacitance Microscopy (SCM) and Electron Holography

Jochonia N. Nxumalo


Paul J. Timans

Activation Trends in Millisecond Annealing of Heavy n-Type Doping of Silicon

Johannes Keppler


Y.Y. Wang , J. Nxumalo, D. Ioannou, A. Katnani, J. Jeon, K. Bandy, M. Mcdonald, J. Bruley

Junction profiling on hot carrier stressed device by dual lens electron holography and scanning capacitance microscopy

Yun-Yu Wang


Philippe Rodriguez, Elodie Ghegin, and Fabrice Nemouchi

CMOS-Compatible Contact Technology for Si Photonics



Weijun Wan, Wei Ren, Xiaoran Meng, Yunxia Ping, Xing Wei, Zhongying Xue, Wenjie Yu, Miao Zhang, Zengfeng Di, Bo Zhang

Effect of platinum interlayer on the thermal stability improvement of nickel stanogermanide

Bo Zhang


Bodo Kalkofen, Mindaugas Šilinskas, Marco Lisker, Y. S. Kim, and Edmund P. Burte

Atomic layer deposited solid sources for doping of high aspect ratio semiconductor structures

Bodo Kalkofen


Yi Zhang, Genquan Han, Jiabo Chen, Yan Liu, Jincheng Zhang, and Yue Hao

Improved thermal stability of Al/TiO2/n-Ge ohmic contact by inserting single layer graphene

Genquan Han


Qianlan Hu, Sichao Li, Tiaoyang Li, Xin Wang, and Yanqing Wu

Optimized transport properties of GaN MISHEMTs with thin AlN interlayer

Yanqing WU


Mingqiang Huang, Xiong Xiong and Yanqing Wu

High-performance heterojunctions based on 2D semiconductors

Yanqing Wu


Nur Nadhirah Rashid, Umar Abdul Aziz, Siti Rahmah Aid, Suwa Akira, Hiroshi Ikenoue, Fang Xie and Anthony Centeno

Effect of Stress on Activation during the Formation of np Junction in Co-Implanted Germanium

nur nadhirah binti mohamad rashid


Hao Yu, Marc Schaekers, Soon Aik Chew, Jean-Luc Everaert, Ashish Dabral, Geoffrey Pourtois, Naoto Horiguchi, Dan Mocuta, Nadine Collaert, Kristin De Meyer

Titanium (Germano-)Silicides Featuring 10-9 Ω∙cm2 Contact Resistivity and Improved Compatibility to Advanced CMOS Technology

Hao Yu


Hiroshi Iwai

Impact of the end of CMOS miniaturization on ICT and the world after that

Hiroshi Iwai


TongYang, Hong-liang Lu, Chen Liu, Wei-jian Yu, Yu-ming Zhang, Yi-men Zhang

The effect of ZnO Interface Passivation Layer on Leakage Current Mechanisms and Band Alignment for ZrO2/In0.2Ga0.8As Metal Oxide Semiconductor Capacitor



H. Hanafusa and S. Higashi

Activation of High-temperature-implanted Phosphorus Atoms in 4H-SiC by Atmospheric Pressure Thermal Plasma Jet Annealing



Yiqiang Zhan

Interfacial passivation by LiF or PbF2 for high efficiency perovskite solar cell

yiqiang zhan


Shu Qin

H2 PLAD Hydrogenation Process on 3D NAND Array Poly-Si Access Devices

Shu Qin


Xicheng Duan, Peng Lu, Weicong Li, Jason C.S. Woo

Parasitic Resistance Modeling and Optimization for 10nm-node FinFET

Xicheng Duan


Yuanhui Fang, Jian Zhang, and Yu-Long Jiang

Highly Selective Etch of Silicon Dioxide with Tungsten Hard Mask Deposited by PVD Process

yulong jiang


Hang Li, Yuanzhong Zhou, Meng Miao, Javier A. Salcedo, Jean-Jacques Hajjar, and Kalpathy B. Sundaram

Thermal Failure and Voltage Overshoot Models for Diode Behavior under Electrostatic Discharge Stresses



S. Boninelli, and F. Cristiano

Damage recovery and strain induced by Phosphorous in Laser Annealed Ge

Simona Boninelli


Ray Duffy, Noel Kennedy, Gioele Mirabelli, Emmanuele Galluccio, Paul K. Hurley, Justin D. Holmes, and Brenda Long

Monolayer doping and other strategies in high surface-to-volume ratio silicon devices

Ray Duffy


Chuck Paeng, He Zhang, Bodo Kalkofen, and YS Kim

Enhancing Phosphorous Doping Level on Ge by Sb co-Doping with Non-Beamline Implantation Methods

yunsang kim


D. Buca, C. Schulte-Braucks, N. von den Driesch, A. T. Tiedemann, U. Breuer, J.M. Hartmann, P. Zaumseil, S. Mantl and Q.T. Zhao

Gate stack and Ni(SiGeSn) metal contacts formation on low bandgap strained (Si)Ge(Sn) semiconductors

 Dan Buca



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